Recent projects

We've worked on some cool problems with clients of all shapes and sizes.

Decentralised keyless entry

We helped define a go-to-market strategy within new and existing verticals, meeting with customers to map out existing solutions and opportunities. Revenue options including an ICO were considered.

We introduced continuous improvement processes including regular retrospectives and improvements to developer tooling and ways of working.

Blockchain DevOps Product strategy

Short-form video hosting service

We helped architect and build the GraphQL backend, all continuously deployed to a secure AWS environment.

We leveraged our knowledge of game theory and psychology to design game mechanics for increasing engagement.

Hands-on GraphQL Mobile

Big data user engagement platform

We built a bespoke stream processing system to synchronise social data across numerous platforms for the data science team to train models upon.

We provided Clojure training to junior members of the team through pair programming and code review.

Hands-on Big data Training

Mobile-gaming fashion startup

We grew the product team from 5 to 20 in less than a year, and transformed ways of working by introducing a lightweight, iterative approach to product development.

We designed game mechanics that incorporated level progression and in-app purchase of virtual goods that could be applied to photo-realistic in-game supermodels.

Hands-on Mobile Gaming

Betting platform

We planned and implemented a major rearchitecting of an early prototype to prepare for commercialisation and further iteration.

We helped junior developers learn the tech stack through code review and pairing while integrating undocumented data feeds to power the platform.

Hands-on Big data Training

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