Ethical and sustainable innovation

After years in startups and consulting, JCF founded Invetica to help mission-driven businesses with a blend of coaching and fractional CTO services.

Ethical innovation

Our focus is on sustainable, ethical innovation. We pride ourselves on building products people love, we respect people's privacy and always leave things better than we found them.

Human centered

We spend time with the people involved to develop a deep understanding of the problem at hand. Our emotional intelligence helps us design better solutions.

Agile & Lean

Sustainable innovation requires efficiency. We employ a scientific approach to product development based on measured inquiry and iteration, embracing the heart of agile.

Our team

We're a small consultancy with an extended network of experts we know and trust.

More importantly, we're all kind people who want to make the world a better place, and believe we can accomplish just that by working hard with likeminded people.

  • James Conroy-Finn


    James is an executive coach and fractional CTO with over a decade of scaling startups and transforming organisations. He's a passionate scientist and technologist, and contributes significantly to every project we work on.

  • Charlie

    Chief Happiness Officer

    Charlie is a 7 year old Border Collie responsible for keeping the team happy and healthy by taking them for regular walks. His can-do attitude inspires everyone he meets, and he's always learning new tricks.